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The Forerunner X01 toolkit provides an easy access to Forerunner 201/301 GPS-units. It is the former fr201toolkit, which is almost completely rewritten to support 301 device and Garmin's new XML-based formats. It uses Mysql to store data. There are command line tools to read data from GPS into the Mysql and also tools to export / import data in different formats like csv and gpx.

Please note: Always download and test the CVS version of frX01toolkit if you are having problems.

General information

Garmin Forerunner 201 and 301 are GPS units, which are intented to be used in running and cycling. ForeRunner x01 toolkit consists of few tools which provide user a direct access to his Forerunner GPS-unit. There is also support for importing data from Garmin Training Center. Tools are written in Perl and user interface to primitive perl tools was implemented as command line interface by shell scripts (bash). There are four kind of tools: gps access-, import-, export- and management tools.

GPS access tools

The first group of tool tools, which are used to read gps data from frX01 unit into the mysql-database.

readTrackData : Reads tracks and laps from Forerunner device.
readWaypointData : Reads waypoints from Forerunner device.
updateGPSdata : Reads waypoints, tracks and lap information from Forerunner device.

Export tools

The second group of tools provides data exports in different file formats from database. For now on toolkit supports following export formats: gpstrans, GPX, TC, CSV and HTML. Formats are meant to be used with following utilities:

- HTML -> Open Office
- CSV -> Open Office, Excel
- gpstrans -> gpsbabel, gpsman
- GPX -> various gps-softwares: Mapsource, gpsbabel, gpsman, etc.
- TC -> Garmin Training Center

exportLapData : Exports Forerunner's lap information from the database.
exportTrackData : Exports Forerunner's track information from the database
exportWaypointData : Exports Forerunner's waypoint information from the database.

Import tools

Import tools are used to import workouts, tracks and waypoints from other sources than Forerunner. Importing is supported directly from Training Center and from many other programs using GPX-format.

importTrackData : Imports track and lap information.
importWaypointData : Imports waypoint information.
importWorkoutData : Imports workout information.

Management tools

launchGPSman : Starts gpsman so that its current working dir is the data dir.
listRuns : Prints a list of the exercises stored in the database.
splitTCData : Splits a big Training Center history file to smaller files.
updateProfile : Updates user info from conf-file to the database.
deleteRuns : Deletes exercises from database.
install_gpsdata_db : Installs / upgrades a current version of the software.

About platforms

All the tools are developed to work under Linux, but there are also existing Windows and Mac (OS X only) installations. If you want to use these tools in Windows operating system, you should install Cygwin, which provides a Linux-like environment for Windows (

Please notice that direct FR301 support requires Garmin USB serial driver, which is only available for Linux kernels 2.6.9->. FR201doesn't require any special drivers. You'll can still use FR301 with this software without Garmin USB serial driver, if you just transfer your data from Training Center.

Please refer INSTALL file for instructions how to install Forerunner x01 - toolkit to your machine.

Please notice...

This web page can be outdated, so if you want to have the most resent information about frX01toolkit, please check out the information from project page. News and documents sections should be always updated to match with resent release. Of course, the absolutely resent version is only available from CVS.

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